Melissa-Kelly Franklin

Upcoming projects


Short film, colour, 13 mins (post-production - UK)

Aíma has a dark secret & deliberating agoraphobia.  To alleviate her loneliness she immerses herself in a tantalising online-world where she meets and connects with a like-minded stranger.  She's not afraid of what the outside world could do to her, but rather, what she might do to it

Cast - Pearl Chanda, Luke Pierre
Director - Melissa-Kelly Franklin
Writers - Melissa-Kelly Franklin & Stephanie Littlewood
Director of Photography - Anna Macdonald
Producers - Danielle Harvey, Melissa-Kelly Franklin, John Brown

The Quickening

Short film, super 16mm, colour (in development - UK)

1962, A remote Irish fishing village. A young woman faces a critical moment in her life - she is about to give birth to an illegitimate child. Unmarried, and hailing from a family steeped in Catholicism, she has managed to keep her secret for nine months, but now finds herself alone and desperate. Inspired by the plight of women around the world who are seeing their reproductive rights unacknowledged or curtailed, The Quickening poses the question; if a woman’s right over her own body is taken from her, what desperate and tragic lengths might she be driven to?

Writer / Director - Melissa-Kelly Franklin

Wild Flower

Short film, colour (in development - Australia)

1899, Outback Australia. After the loss of her family’s fortune, a young woman finds herself sold in marriage to a brutish rural property owner. She finds solace in a connection with her husband’s half-sister, which leads her down a path from which there is no return.

Writer / Director - Melissa-Kelly Franklin