Melissa-Kelly Franklin

Upcoming projects


Short film, colour, 13 mins (post-production - UK)

Aíma has a dark secret & deliberating agoraphobia.  To alleviate her loneliness she immerses herself in a tantalising online-world where she meets and connects with a like-minded stranger.  She's not afraid of what the outside world could do to her, but rather, what she might do to it

Cast - Pearl Chanda, Luke Pierre
Director - Melissa-Kelly Franklin
Writers - Melissa-Kelly Franklin & Stephanie Littlewood
Director of Photography - Anna Macdonald
Producers - Danielle Harvey, Melissa-Kelly Franklin, John Brown

Wild Flower

Short film, colour (in development - Australia)

1899, Outback Australia. After the loss of her family’s fortune, a young woman finds herself sold in marriage to a brutish rural property owner. She finds solace in a connection with her husband’s sister, which leads her down a path from which there is no return.

Writer / Director - Melissa-Kelly Franklin

Le VœU

Short film, colour, approx. 8 mins (in development - Switzerland)

A woman living a life of seclusion as a nun in a rural convent finds that her desire for love and freedom becomes stronger than her will to remain in her religious vocation.  A tender moment shared with a fellow sister over a bowl of potato peelings catalyses an urgent desire which had previously laid dormant within her.

Writer / Director - Melissa-Kelly Franklin