Melissa-Kelly Franklin


Colour, 16 mins, English Language

Two young women meet on the side of a remote highway; they are strangers to each other, however quickly form a strong bond which runs deeper than either of them expected, leading one of the pair to question who she is, and who she could be.

Cast - Lucy Chappell, Yela de Koning
Writer / Director - Melissa-Kelly Franklin
Producers - Marina Dulepina, Melissa-Kelly Franklin
Director of Photography - Ann Evelin Lawford
Editor - Marina Dulepina
Sound Designer - Rob Maloney
Art Director - Zuzanna Skurtys
Costume Design - Gemma Turner
Hair, Makeup & SFX - Margarida Marinho

Official Selection, LARGO FILM AWARDS
Nominated for Best Director, LARGO FILM AWARDS

Currently streaming on Sofy.TV as part of the LARGO FILM TALENT PROGRAM

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